January 11, 2022

Travel Should Be On Your Self-Care Checklist

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Traveling is often thought of as a luxury for the elite. But it’s not, and everyone should consider taking a break every now and then as part of their self-care routine. What is self-care, and how does travel fit into the picture? Blue Beach House is glad you asked!

Self-care , at its essence, is simply doing right by yourself. It means taking actions that improve your physical and mental health. At home, this might involve eating a salad instead of a cheeseburger or enjoying a long bath after a hectic day at work. But self-care is more than just how you act every day; it can include hobbies or interests that refresh your mind and soothe your soul, making it a little easier and even more pleasurable to go about your daily routine. There are things you can do periodically that will have a profound and long-lasting impact on you--and travel is one of them.

Benefits of Travel

Traveling can give you a sense of wonder about the world, but it can also help you better appreciate your own life. Seeing new places boosts your creativity and confidence, and whether you realize it or not, this experience teaches you something new with each stamp of the passport (or mile traveled within your own state).

Most importantly, traveling with your family or by yourself is a great way to give yourself a break. Ji Son Choi of Shine asserts that taking a life break can help you get unstuck when you are in a rut. But whether you are going for a week or six months, there are some things to consider.

Before You Go

Because you are traveling for self-care, the last thing you want to have to worry about is money or home security. In short: You need to plan ahead.

To save enough cash so that you can afford your endeavors, start by reducing your expenditures. AirTreks also suggests selling things you don’t need, saving without shame , and starting a designated travel fund. To get an idea of how much you need, compare the prices of traveling to your intended destination at different times of the year, and then decide when you want to go so you know how long you have to sock away some cash. Once you’re on your getaway, ZenBusiness suggests splurging a little and considering expenditures an investment in your wellbeing.

Talk to your neighbors and nearby family members and let them know your plans. This way, they can pay a visit to your home to ensure everything stays in place while you’re gone. You’ll also want to invest in security features, such as smart locks and a camera system. Smart locks are a good option because you can lock and unlock your door remotely if your preferred housesitter doesn’t have a key. You’ll also get notifications of who’s been in and out and when. Another simple way to protect your home is to put your lights on timers.

Where to Venture

There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to where to travel. Think about your interests in what relaxes you. If you like the beach, head to the shore. If you feel more at ease in the hustle and bustle of the city, plan a getaway to New York, San Francisco, or Chicago. A top choice when you don’t know exactly what you want to do might be to join a group for a mission trip or engage in volunteer travel. These types of opportunities can help you discover more about yourself while having a hands-on impact on impoverished communities.

If you’d like some extra advice on where to travel, stay, and find activities you enjoy, you’d do well to consult a travel agent or specialist. These professionals can help you plan your next trip so you can maximize your relaxation and fun. You can search freelance job boards for these consultants.

Regardless of your budget or time constraints, make a point to get away occasionally. Even something as simple as a weekend trip to the country or a long afternoon browsing the nearby shops can make a difference. Of course, you must keep safety in mind even when taking a relatively short road trip, so don’t forget the basics, like having a useful spare tire, plenty of gas, and a reliable car charger for your smartphone. Whatever you do, don’t neglect time away from home.

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Brittany Fisher