March 20, 2019

Discover Walking

Whether you want to exercise or just contemplate, a walk on the beach can be a great activity with many healthy benefits . The beautiful view, the sound of the waves, the fresh air and the sand between our toes. A relaxing exercise for both our body and our soul.

First positive factor is the natural way we can boost our health, increment our minerals and, at the same time reconnect with nature. It is a natural therapeutic experience.

Vitamin and minerals (such as vitamin D, magnesium, sodium), another benefit from this simple pleasure.

Beach walking can help improve blood circulation, massage your soles and be a free natural exfoliant simultaneously.

Besides being a treat for the senses, it is an excellent exercise. Walking in sand requires more effort (than walking on solid surface), being a more intense sort of strength training. Compared to walking on hard surface, your muscles work harder, it requires more energy, and, you burn more calories. In addition, it can help improve balance and coordination.

Another great aspect is how relaxing these walks can be, it can help reduce stress and clear our minds. It might be easier to walk further distances on the beach than walking on the city, so it´s a great opportunity to boost your activity level and appreciate the ocean breeze.

Always remember to use sunscreen, wear a hat, drink water, and, wear proper shoes for long distance walks.