May 18, 2017

Why we love the beach

Most people tend to choose the beach as their first vacation spot. Why? Because there is no place as relaxing, peaceful and pleasant where you can enjoy nature and loosen up. The smell of the ocean, the sand between your toes, the fresh air and the sunshine are only some of the reasons why we feel happy every time we go to the beach.

The ocean can be beneficial to our mind, body and soul. Here are a few benefits....

  • Sea water can help you reduce toxins and open your pores. It has minerals which cleans and regenerates the skin, helps as well with the elasticity of the skin.
  • Sea water strengthens the immune system and is a great source of magnesium, vital to our body.
  • People lean to feel happier in summer and less in winter, mainly as a result of the amount of sunlight we get.
  • Sun exposure stimulates the production of Vitamin D, a natural health booster which affects positively to our sense of well being.
  • Sand additionally helps your body eliminate toxins by exfoliation and peeling of dead skin cells, making your skin feel even softer.
  • Exercise by the water is excellent for the body and the brain. Swimming, diving, surfing, jogging, playing volleyball, frisbee, or just simply walking along the water keeps us physically active along with clear and relaxed minds.
  • Most importantly, it decreases our stress level. Water and the repetitive sound of waves gives our brain a rest or break, it keeps us calm and relaxed.
  • It induces to mental clarity, creativity and meditation.
  • Reading also reduces stress, no better place for doing this than sitting under the umbrella with the ocean breeze on your face.
  • Lowers anxiety.

The enjoyment, the sense of peace, all the physical, mental and spiritual benefits we gain, drags us to this place. It certainly stimulates our mood, emotions and gives us the energy to do more.

Plan a long vacationĀ or a short getaway, to have fun and at the same time to re-charge! Just remember to bring your sunscreen.